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Pharmacy Discount Card - Rx Savings

The RxCut Pharmacy Discount Card is a FREE, pre-activated card that offers discount on prescriptions that range from 0%-75% depending on the drug and location.

Rx Savings - Save on Meds - Discount Brand & Generic Drugs. 
Caring Meets Savings · Find The Best Discount 
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Create your free pharmacy discount card. This provides discounts on both brand and generic medications.

Prescription Cards | Free Rx Cut PharmacyDiscountCard

Get Your FREE Pre-Activated Pharmacy Discount Card INSTANTLY and begin using it immediately at over 70,000 participating pharmacie s nationwide including most large chain stores like Walgreens Pharmacy Discount Card , CVS Pharmacy Discount Card, Wal-Mart Pharmacy Discount Card, Rite-Aid Pharmacy Discount Card as well as local neighborhood pharmaci es. Use Our Drug Cost Look-up Tool and Pay the lowest available price at the register.. Let's face it - drugs cost too much! Our FREE PharmacyDiscountCard provides substantial savings on Brand & Generic medications. If your insurance plan does not cover ALL your medications - you can use our Pharmacy Discount Card too.

Accepted at over 70,000 U.S. pharmacies:

Today, more than 210 million Americans receive prescriptions drug benefits managed by PBMs. Quite often those consumers are charged a co-payment for a generic medication that is higher than the pharmacy’s retail price and the Rx Cut discounted price. In fact the Rx Cut price on 19 of the 25 most frequently prescribed generic medications is lower than an insurance co-pay of $10.00.

The free RxCut card offers discounts up to 75% on prescriptions versus retail prices. The card is accepted at over 54,000 pharma cies in the United States and Puerto Rico, including major drug chains, supermarkets, box stores and 98% of all independently owned pharmacies. There is no enrollment or activation required, no expiration date and no personal information is collected so multiple family members can use the same card. (The Pharmacy Discount Card can also provide substantial discounts on all pet medications). When the Rx Cut cards are added to an individual’s pharmacy profile, they will receive the lowest medication price whether it is their co-pay, the retail price or the RxCut discounted price.

Savings with the car d can be substantial. A health system in New Jersey distributes branded RxCut Pharmacy Discount Card to their patients at discharge from the ER. A review of 4,500 pharmacy transactions using the Rx Cut card over a two month period showed a savings to their patients of over $86,000, representing an average savings per script of $19.37. A free discount card for your patients that yields tangible savings like this will build brand loyalty to your practice or system.

The only financial exposure to a medical practice or hospital system interested in distributing RxCut Pharmacy Discount Card is the cost of the actual branded cards. Five thousand cards can be purchased for $50.00. On a monthly basis, reports can be generated detailing all pharmacy transactions using the RxCut Pharmacy Discount Card that have been distributed with your unique Rx Group number. The report, which does not include any personal information, indicates the date the script was filled, drug name, generic vs. brand, quantity, retail price, price paid by the RxCut member, member dollar savings, member % savings and the pharmacy name and address where the script was filled.

While it may seem counterintuitive, retail pharmacies in a health system as well as within the community can also realize a benefit with the RxCut pharmacy discount card for their consumers with coverage on their medicines. Every time the Rx Cut pharmacy discount card is used to equalize the insurance co-payment and when the RxCut price is lower than the co-pay, both the consumer and pharmacy win i.e. the consumer saves money which builds loyalty towards the pharmacy and the store nets more revenue because RxCut pays a much higher dispensing fee than the PBMs and also passes through all negotiated rebates to them.

To learn more about the RxCut card, to locate participating pharmacies or to view RxCut Discount Pharmacy pricing, visit www.rx-cut.com

Pharmacy Discount Card

Save up to 75% off on each FDA approved drug at 70,000 pharmacies nationwide


Operates like a savings coupon, Ready to use!


No pre-qualifications, Reusable,  No forms, Never expires


Able to use with High Deductible Health Plans(HDHP) under the Affordable Care Act and other plans.


Get discounts on prescriptions when in the Medicare doughnut hole, or if your medication isn’t covered on your current plan.

DISCOUNT ONLY – NOT INSURANCE. Discounts are available exclusively through participating pharmacies. The range of the discounts will vary depending on the drugstore chosen and the prescription filled. This program does not make payments directly to pharmacies. Members are required to pay for all health care services, including prescriptions. The RxCut Pharmacy Discount Card Program is a service of New Millennium Consultants LLC.

All patient identifying information is confidential information and will not be made available to third parties or any unauthorized person except for the proper administration of the Prescription Savings Program.

Some participating pharmacies may have policies restricting the discounted sale of certain prescriptions that are controlled by the DEA or that may be harmful due to their potential for abuse.

**RxCut compiles its prescription drug data from a variety of sources. We try our best to provide timely and accurate data, but covering thousands of medications from thousands of businesses in hundreds of cities means that at times pricing data may not be completely up-to-date. By using this application, you acknowledge this fact and agree not to hold RxCut liable for any discrepancies in pricing data or availability. It’s usually a good idea to call ahead and verify prices with your pharmacy of choice. Some participating pharmacies may have policies restricting the discounted sale of certain prescriptions that are controlled by the DEA or that may be harmful due to their potential for abuse.

Guide on Purchasing Cheap Medicines At Online Pharmacies

With today's fast-paced society, busy individuals have no time to do even the simplest task of purchasing drugs or medications at local drugstores. Thanks to the booming numbers of pharmaceutical stores on the Internet today, ordering and purchasing drugs or medications are now easier and faster.

Online pharmacies are perfect alternative means to get prescription medications for those who do not have time to go out and get the medicines they need at drugstores. Without having to experience the hassles of visiting a local drugstore just to buy medicines, online pharmacies are indeed the answers to many people's recourse for discreet acquisition of medications. One of the many benefits of ordering and buying medicines via the Internet is the cheaper cost. These websites order their medicine products at bulk, thus, resulting to low prices on their offered drugs and medications. As one observes, the prices of the medicines featured at most online pharmacies are considerably low compared to the fees imposed by local drugstores.

Given the fact that medicines offered at online pharmacies ar cheaper, ordering and buying drugs and medications via the Internet are still discouraged by the United States' Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Reports claim that there are a lot of fraudulent websites that illegally sell medicines to online consumers. These sites are the ones that do not require prescriptions from consumers; only instructing them to answer certain questionnaires as basis for medication recommendation. The chance of having to buy cheap medicines, however, is something that most people can't resist, thus, explains the continuous popularity of online phar macies among consumers. To get the most out of the services of today's top Internet pharmacies, the following are some guides on buying cheap medicines online:

1. Secure a prescription from a registered doctor or physician.

To be able to buy cheap medications online, one needs to secure a prescription from a doctor. Remember that only legitimate Internet pharmacies require prescriptions from customers. Consumers, therefore, cannot order and purchase any medicine from an Internet drugstore without a prescription.

2. Look for legitimate websites that sell prescription medications or drugs.

Once a prescription from a registered doctor is secured, consumers can then start looking for legitimate sites that offer discounted yet quality medicine products. It is also very convenient if consumers will make a list of their prospect websites to make browsing and comparing easier and faster.

3. Compare the price offerings of each website to know which one has the lowest rates for the medicines that you need. The main purpose of creating a list is to make price comparison easier for consumers. It is not really recommended for one to rely on a single online pharmacy. A consumer may find better deals by having as many sites to browse at as possible.

4. Choose the Internet Discount Pharmacy Card that offers the cheapest price on the medication that you need. After searching for top pharmacy sites and comparing their price offerings, it will then be easier for consumers to determine which site has the lowest price offer on their targeted prescription medication. In addition, considering the shipment fees of each prospect website is also one way of getting the most out of buying cheap prescription medications via the Internet.

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Texas Residents: By using this Prescription card, you agree to pay the entire prescription cost less any applicable discount. Savings may vary by drug and by pharmacy. The program administrator may obtain fees or rebates from manufacturers and/or pharmacies based on your prescription drug purchases. These fees or rebates may be retained by the program administrator or shared with you and /or your pharmacy. Prescriptions purchased through this Discount Pharmacy Card program will not be eligible for reimbursement through Medicaid, Medicare or any other government program. This program does not guarantee the quality of the services or products offered by individual providers. We do not sell your personal information. Call the member toll-free number on the back of your ID to file a complaint related to this program.

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